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Paprika Health Coaching

Your Health is in Your Hands!

Eat healthy

Fad diets are not the solution, they are the cause – trust certified health coaches with the right balance of diet 

Workout hard

Physical exercise is important to maintain good health. You need a balanced diet, fitness, and mental happiness.

Enjoy your life

Put yourself in the service of your health. Each decision is yours to make. Choose a virtual coach and stay a healthy person!

Paprika transformational virtual health coach


Hello, my name is Patricia

The concept of being a Transformational Health Coach was not a thought in 2012, but I knew at 276 pounds if I wanted to to live, a transformation was needed.


Paprika tranformational health coach meal

You get:

  •  Six weekly 45-minute virtual coaching sessions to give you support, to give you accountability, and  to give you direction every step of the way

  •  Twenty-one custom health-supportive recipes based upon your goals and your lifestyle

  •  A copy Dr. Joel Furhman’s book Eat for Life, which outlines The Nutrient-Rich Program for Longevity, Disease Reversal, and Sustained Weight Loss

  •  A copy of Carliegh Bodrug’s book Plantyou, which features 140 Plant-Based Oil Free Recipes.

  •  Printable resources including shopping and pantry lists created by Patricia Drew

  •  Quick check text support to help you stay consistent no matter what life throws at you

  •  Unlimited email support


  Bonus: Online Facebook group

paprika virtual health coaching meal plan
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Healthy Food Makes a Healthy, Happy Life


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